Which Bug Makes You #BugOut Most?

This post brought to you by The Orkin Ecologist. All opinions are 100% mine.
Bugs are creepy, crawling, scary, and disgusting to a lot of people, including me! The one that scares me most is spiders. Orkin doesn't fear bugs; instead they study them. The top 10 bug phobias according to the Orkin Ecologist are Arachnophobia (fear of spiders), Apiphobia (fear of bees), Myrmecophobia (fear of ants), Entomophobia (general fear of insects), Isopteraphobia (fear of termites), Katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches), Mottephobia (fear of moths), Spheksophobia (fear of wasps), Scoleciphobia (fear of worms), and the fear of all flying objects (which has no scientific name, and that kind of bugs me).
Even though I know spiders are good for the environment, and even though they eat other bugs that drive me crazy ( like mosquitos and flies), I totally #BugOut about them. No matter how small a spider really is, something likes this:
really looks like THIS to me!
Orkin has been studying bugs (even spiders!) for 100 years because knowing your enemy is half the fight. Their scientists help find the best ways to control pests so we can keep them out of our homes. They even created the "Ecologist Site" to help inform, to educate, and to celebrate science and the uniqueness of bugs. It is a fantastic resource for science lovers (and spider haters) of all ages. You can also follow the Orkin Ecologist on Facebook and Pinterest! If you have a fear of bugs or a fascination with bugs, you should definitely check them out. Teachers and homeschooling parents can share the information and photos on these sites with students. They offer tons of ideas and examples for great teachable moments and knowledge is the best way to discourage phobias early on. When I was teaching preschoolers, I had several who were fearful of bugs, so I had to swallow my fear to avoid inflicting my fear onto them. We used bug jars to collect bugs and magnifying glasses to see them up close. We made craft bugs and sang songs about bugs. It was definitely successful in calming their bug phobias. But I still hate spiders!
Which bug makes YOU #BugOut most? Leave a comment below or tweet with the hashtag #BugOut.
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