Weddings Always Make Me Cry


Do you cry at weddings? I always do. Especially when it's someone in my family. Weddings are so beautiful and whenever I hear the vows repeated, it takes me back to when Johnny and I got married. The emotions well up inside of me and I just can't help but let go of some happy tears.

I recently attended my niece's wedding in the St. Louis area and it's been too many years since we've visited our family there. It was so much fun to see my mom and three sisters, and many of my sisters' children and even their grandchildren. Some of my sisters' grandchildren I hadn't even met yet! This handsome little guy is one of my niece's twin boys. The wedding was in a beautiful little country church with stained glass windows and beautiful paintings all around the sanctuary.

Although it was raining a bit outside, the joy in the church streamed sunshine all around us. Getting married in October means taking into account the weather. Outdoor weddings and receptions can be risky, so if you're getting married soon, planning ahead for things like wind, rain, or even snow is a good idea. Keep in mind that wedding venues tend to book up quickly, so leave yourself enough time following the proposal to plan your perfect day.

Many churches do not allow receptions onsite, so you may have to seek out a reception hall. A wedding venue usually offers facilities for both the wedding and the reception, as well as accommodations. If you are planning a wedding away from your hometown, either out of state or out of country, a wedding venue is probably the best way to plan for it. The Croft Hotel weddings venue in Darlington offers everything you need for the perfect England wedding, with fabulous wedding packages that can even be tailored to individual requests.

My niece's reception took place at an all-purpose clubhouse not far from the church. Our family is quite large and she has bunches of friends, so we easily filled the hall with love and laughter. There are few things in life that are as valuable as special events that bring people together to celebrate. A wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Since planning such a big event can be stressful, having assistance from family, friends, and wedding planners can help ease a bride-to-be's anxiety. The next wedding in our family might just be here in Texas because my son John just proposed to his high school sweetheart, and yes, I will cry at that wedding too.


  1. Lisa. Love your post. You have such a way with words. Love reading them. LOVE you Your big sister

    1. Thank you! Love you too! And thanks for reading!


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