Top 5 Reasons to see Enough Said

Disclosure: I attend a screening at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Enough Said is in theaters everywhere right now! If you haven't decided whether or not you should go see this movie, here are my Top 5 Reasons to encourage you to go see Enough Said.
  1. James Gandolfini - This is the last movie that James Gandolfini will headline. He passed on June 19, 2013, of cardiac arrest and we will no longer be blessed by his unique style of acting. Whether playing a crime boss in the Mafia on The Sopranos or a gentle divorced father in Enough Said, James certainly made his mark on Hollywood. His role as Albert is heartwarming, funny, and even sweet.
  2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus - As a longtime fan of Julia in her role on Seinfeld, I was surprised to find myself relating quite so much to her character, Eva, in Enough Said. Her portrayal of a middle-aged, divorced mom trying to make ends meet, relate to her teenager, and navigate the waters of dating was very realistic. 
  3. Timely topics - Enough Said deals with the many issues of today's families. It's not difficult to find yourself immersed in a story about adult dating after divorce, dealing with moody teenage girls about to head to college, and trying to build friendship relationships while juggling a past full of baggage.
  4. Surprising twist - The story is about Eva, who meets Albert at a party and the dating fun begins. In her day job as a masseuse, Eva befriends her newest client named Marianne, who is divorced from an obviously horrible man. Eva later discovers Marianne is Albert's ex-wife. The resulting comical interactions between all the characters are hilarious.
  5. Great date movie - You will find yourself laughing aloud, cheering along, and even choking back a few tears here and there. It's the perfect opportunity to learn that no relationship ever really goes as planned and the importance of honesty and forgiveness. I truly enjoyed it!

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