The Importance of Casters

Hospital attendants who transport patients to various places in the facility have a lot of responsibility to shoulder in their daily work. They must transport each patient to a particular destination in a timely way while keeping the patient comfortable. That's why a gurney with swivel casters is such an important piece of equipment for a hospital attendant.
Here are some of the benefits of having swivel casters on a hospital gurney.

First, swivel casters help a hospital attendant to steer a gurney. The easy movement of the casters allows the person to take the gurney around corners without risk of tipping. This can be especially helpful when transporting a patient around a set of winding, crowded hallways on a particular floor of a hospital. A hospital attendant must be able to steer the gurney into elevators and around corners in a manner that is safe for the patient as well as others walking the halls of the hospital.

Next, swivel casters on a gurney help an attendant to give the patient a smooth ride. If the gurney can be turned, backed up and otherwise maneuvered with ease, the patient doesn't experience a lot of jerky movements. Once again, this is of critical importance to the patient. Perhaps the patient is in pain from having surgery on his or her stomach or chest. A bumpy ride on a gurney to the x-ray department or elsewhere can put a patient in more pain. A gurney that can be moved in an easy, relaxed way is a benefit to both patient and attendant. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities that use gurneys and other forms of moving tables should note that Accesscasters.com offers swivel casters that are quality-made.

Finally, swivel casters on a hospital gurney usually have brakes on them. This is important because an attendant may need to stop the gurney in order to let someone pass in a narrow hallway. The gurney has brakes so it will not move or even slide a little bit forward. This gives the patient an extra element of safety when it comes to being transported around the hospital. In addition, when the attendant returns with the patient to his or her room, the patient may need to be lifted back onto the hospital bed from the gurney. The brakes will ensure that the gurney doesn't move and put the patient at risk of sliding off.

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