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*I received tickets to the fair at no charge from #SilveradoStrong in exchange for my post.
As guests of #SilveradoStrong, Johnny and I found our way to the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. Waiting until the last weekend to go meant cars were bumper to bumper to even get near the fairgrounds. It took us 2.5 hours to drive the last 17 miles. We finally reached the fairgrounds and were greeted by Big Tex, the icon of the fair.
Towering even taller than Big Tex was one of the largest ferris wheel rides I've ever seen! But our mission was to find the stash of Silverado trucks so we could climb in and dream. It didn't take us long to find the Chevy trucks because they were a major sponsor of the State Fair of Texas.
The prettiest Silverado was inside a special building and even though I asked nicely and dropped the #SilveradoStrong blog ambassador title, I didn't get to sit in it. So I posed for a quick photo and we headed outside to where the driver-friendly trucks were parked.
On the fairgrounds, it was people-packed. Shoulder to shoulder with adults pushing screaming toddlers in strollers, face-painted children with sticky cotton candy in one hand and a corn dog in the other, parents yelling at grumpy teenagers, and the occasional cute old couple walking slowly and holding hands. Oh, wait that was us.
I thought perhaps this area was where families were supposed to leave their children while they went to enjoy the fair, but I guess the children all escaped. {grin}
Inside the Silverado, it was nice and quiet. We didn't have keys, so we couldn't experience the joy of the air conditioning, and we had to open the doors for some air. They truly are beautiful trucks, from the honeycomb grill on the front to the bumper with the foothold on the back.
My favorite color was the bright blue, as pretty as the blue skies over Texas that day. Although if I do get a Silverado, it would also have to be the Texas edition. I really wanted to start up one of the trucks so I could hear the engine rumble. I tweeted live pictures to #SilveradoStrong and even got a tweet back from Chevy!
Knowing we had a long drive back to Austin, we headed out from the State Fair of Texas after a few hours of fun and exploration. It was a wonderful and exhausting experience and now we can cross off one more thing on the bucket list!
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