Sandgrens Swedish Clogs Boots - Review

Disclosure: I received boots at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
It's no secret that I am a boot addict! Look at these adorable clog boots I found at Sandgrens Clogs! Although they offer several different heel heights in boots, I prefer a flatter heel because I've been known to fall down a few times in high heels. Yeah, go ahead, laugh a little.
This pair is called the New York Low Heel and they are very well-constructed. The upper is made of soft Horween Nubuc leather in black and it gets softer the more you wear it. The sole is a low-heel Swedish Alder wood base, with rubber applied to the bottom so it's perfect for the upcoming storms of fall and winter. It has an zipper to the inside, and the outside features a trendy v-cut with a strap and silver buckle. The silver nail heads dance all around the base of the boot.
Fashionistas need a pair of black boots just as much as we need a little black dress. The versatility of a black boot means you can literally wear them with anything (except maybe your bathing suit). I wore my New York boots with black knit slacks and one of my favorite animal-print tops.
They are extremely comfortable, even if I'm wearing them all day and walking a lot. I've noticed that I take smaller steps when I'm wearing a clog-based wood sole, and I really like that because it gives me a more feminine stride.
Sandgrens has been making clogs and boots in the beloved Swedish clogs style since 1846. Their clog masters continue to churn out fabulous styles that not only meet women's (and men's) current fashion needs, but also stay true to the same time-honored techniques of the original high-quality designs. If you've never worn a pair of these, you really are missing out.
Visit www.sandgrensclogs.com to see the entire collection of handmade clogs, including high heeled clogs, shearling boots, clog sandals, clogs for men, nursing clogs and clog boots. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so that you're first to see the newest styles each season!


  1. These look like boots that might actually work for me--I wear a wide width and am going to go see if they have any!

  2. This looks really comfy... :) I have to check this out. Thank you for nice informative reviews.


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