Monkeybiz - Art That Makes a Difference

I love finding companies that believe helping others is more important than making a fast dollar! If you're looking for gifts that give back, check out Monkeybiz South Africa.
Monkeybiz is a nonprofit organization that has revived the ancient African tradition of beading and beadwork The recently introduced a new line of cute miniature animals to their collection. The range of animals, each a unique piece of contemporary artwork, will include birds, owls, turtles and bunny rabbits. The animals are available in a variety of small sizes and as holiday ornaments in select stores and online.
Monkeybiz is a nonprofit income-generating bead project started in January 2000 by ceramic artists Barbara Jackson, Shirley Fintz and Mathapelo Ngaka. Through creating sustainable employment, Monkeybiz focuses on women's economic empowerment and health development in the most economically under-resourced areas of South Africa. The project, which has established a vibrant community of more than 450 bead artists, many of whom are the sole breadwinners within their households, has transformed the beaded arts market in South Africa.
Departing from the culture of mass-produced curio craft, each Monkeybiz artwork is unique and is signed by the artist, ensuring that individual artists receive recognition for their work. All of the profits from the sales of artworks are reinvested back into the community. Visit, shop, and make a difference today at www.monkeybiz.co.za.


  1. These are very pretty and I love that it was started to help woman help themselves and their families and communities.

  2. These are cool! I like the birdy and all the different colors.


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