Government #Shutdown - Making American Women Mad Everywhere

How angry are you? Angry enough to yell at the news? Angry enough to call your congressmen and women? Angry enough to fire them all? Millions of Americans are financially impacted by the government shutdown and the majority of women are feeling disappointed in Congress and concerned about how it will affect the country. According to a new survey, 76% of women feel worse about the country’s future and 73% believe Congress should have found a compromise before allowing the shutdown to happen.

Not Cool, Congress
73% of women are feeling less favorable towards Congress and 36% say they will vote differently next year because of the shutdown.

My opinion - I think we should replace them all!

Deep Concerns
The majority of women (76%) are concerned about the impact the government shutdown will have on the country’s future and 43% say they will spend less money because of it.

My opinion - I am spending less and think it's a shame this is occurring right before the holiday shopping season begins!

When asked the question "What would you do if you were in charge," women responded with a mixed range of comments such as:
“Cease Congress paychecks! Have a mediator come in”
“Find a compromise at any cost”
“Kick ‘em out and start over”
“Legalize marijuana to get out of debt”
“Make ‘brunch’ a food group”

My opinion - If I were in charge, I would require all of Congress to participate in Obamacare or make it optional for every American, stop paychecks for Congress until the shutdown is over, and keep Congress in session twelve hours a day until they resolve it!


Legalese - The “Lippe Taylor/SheSpeaks Government Shutdown Study” was fielded online among the 1,047 SheSpeaks panel members on October 2nd, 2013. The sample is comprised of U.S. women aged 18 years and older. Women in the SheSpeaks panel are socially active, both online and offline.


  1. I'm actually truly afraid of this whole shut down. I mean, seriously? Who's responsible for all of this? I'm afraid that at some point, it won't just be women who suffer but what will happen to those who can't get their social security checks or worse? We can create the largest list of different ways this can all go bad. Sure they are targeting the big dogs to get money quick. How about moving a little faster? I hear TY Warner owes about 54 Million in taxes. Anyone else? If only our taxes were being used appropriately ... but then that's another piece of the puzzle, isn't it? Ok, I'm rambling now because I'm quite annoyed. I think I better sign off before I get fully carried away. Good points Lisa!

  2. My opinions pretty much mirror yours Lisa--we really need to get rid of them all and start over and remember not to let government officials have this much power again! I recently read a book called Public Enemies-my review will be live tonight at midnight--it is fiction-but I think you would enjoy it--I gave my copy to my Mom to read--she is pretty angry right now also--all of us with very good reason!

  3. This may be off base, but a government big enough to cripple the country with its terrorists tactics is too big. We need to get weaned off the subsistence and put the government back in its place. It should govern, not run the nation.

    Even with all the fear mongering going on from DC, I would be knocked off my socks if anyone remembers this come November elections. I would love for Americans to vote their frustration at this game, to stop the hemorrhage of money, and be as fiscally responsible as the American household must be. Don't sit around being fearful or angry. Make the phone calls and let the Reps and Senators know what's up.


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