GH Cretors Popped Corn - Review

Disclosure: I received popped corn at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
One of my favorite fall snacks is popped corn. It falls under my category of healthy snacks, so can enjoy it even when I'm trying to lose weight (which is almost always). If the popped corn is flavored, it's even more of a treat for me. GH Cretors has been making popped corn since 1885 so they are definitely experts!
Not only is their popped corn all natural, it's also gluten-free and GMO-free, as well as kosher. They offer three amazing flavors - Just the Caramel Corn, Just the Cheese Corn, and Chicago Mix which is a combination of their Caramel popped corn and their Cheese popped corn.
GH Cretors cooks all their caramel in old fashioned copper kettles, just like Great Grandpa Cretor did. Then they add roasted nuts at just the right time to create a melt-in-your-mouth popped corn. For their cheese corn, they melt real cheddar cheese and then pour it onto their fluffy popped corn.
I've been munching on all three flavors for a few days now and I'm hooked on these popped corns. I was considering making up little bags of it to hand out to Halloween trick-or-treaters, but I'm not so sure I want to share it now!
I haven't decided whether I like the cheese flavored or the caramel flavored yet, but luckily for me the Chicago Mix has me covered on both counts. It's really fun to eat it while watching a movie on tv with all the lights out because you never know which flavor you're going to pop into your mouth next!
We've now reached the bottom of one of the bags and there wasn't a single corn kernel that wasn't popped. In my opinion, that's almost a miracle. I highly recommend GH Cretors Popped Corn. If you need a great gift for someone, they offer a fabulous Sampler Gift Box that contains five delicious bags.
Visit http://www.ghcretors.com for more information and to order. You can also follow them on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Don't miss the Halloween Contest on their Facebook page!

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