CleanWell Botanical Fabric Deodorizer

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Breathe deep and enjoy the wonderful aromas in your house! What do you smell? Pet odor, old shoes, kitchen trash, teenager sweat, and last night's fish dinner? Cleanwell Botanical Fabric Deodorizer helps you eliminate all those odors (and many more). It's patented formulations of thyme oil contains no harsh chemicals so you can use it around your kids and your pets without safety worries.
The Fresh Meadow scent is wonderful, light, and clean. I've used it on my sofa, my loveseat, my curtains, all our shoes, both our vehicle interiors, and especially on my dog's bed. It works great! The entire bottle, including the trigger, is recyclable too. The Botanical Fabric Deodorizer is just one of many products in the CleanWell line, designed to make your life easier and healthier!
Visit www.cleanwelltoday.com for more information. 
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