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What We Wore

As daughter #3 of 4, I spent many of my elementary school years wearing hand-me-downs from my older sisters. My mom, being very handy with a sewing machine, also added several inches of cotton fabric to the bottom of pants legs so we could wear them longer. My absolute favorite pair of jeans had ruffle of Holly Hobbie fabric and my second favorite had a fabric ruffle with a Budweiser Beer print. Yes, really. My oldest sister always got the new clothes and I remember that being a source of envy for me. A family of six must have been quite a challenge to keep clothed. I learned from my mom to never buy anything unless it's on sale and to shop garage sales and secondhand stores for great deals. Those early lessons of frugality have stayed with me my entire life. I still shop the sale racks at stores and love going garage-saling, although I haven't worn Holly Hobbie jeans in several decades. What was your favorite childhood clothing item?


  1. I was the only girl on our family of 6, so I received my hand me downs from a cousin who was bigger around than myself. Therefore my pants always had to have a dart taken in the sides so my pants wouldn't fall off.
    Favorite thing I can think of off hand was a pair of bell bottom jeans and a pair of dark red clogs with one of those v shaped sweaters you pulled over your head, no arm holes, your hands hung out the bottom; oh and it had fringe around the bottom. For the life of me I can't recall what they were called back in the 60's. Anyone??

    1. I had a beloved pair of clogs too. Wore them so much I actually put holes in the bottom of the soles!

  2. But the Holly Hobbie jeans were Julie's...I didn't think they lasted long enough to get down to you!!!!!! Glad I taught you to be frugal though. Is there a sale at Kohl's?

    1. Nope, I've got pictures of me wearing them. There's always a sale LOL.


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