Ozone Can Do Good Things for the Environment

Ozone is commonly referred to as being a supercharged form of oxygen. The chemical formula for ozone is O3 as opposed to O2, which the chemical formula for oxygen. Oxygen actually is transformed into ozone through such events as lightening and through exposure to ultra violate light emitting from the sun. Ultimately, and within a relatively short period of time, ozone reverts back to oxygen. No residue is left in the process.

Ozone is used commercially for a number of different purposes, including purification. For example, ozone commonly is injected in bottle water. It is also used as means of purifying air in rooms and buildings. For example, if a hotel desires to change a room from one designated for smokers to one designated for non-smokers, an ozone generator commonly is used to clean up the air. A growing number of public venues, like bars and restaurants, now use odor free ozone generators of the type offered by Odor Free Professional Ozone Generators.

At the Odor Free Professional Ozone Generators website, a person or business can find a wide selection of different products. There are individual ozone generators that meet the specific needs in a wide range of different industries and for a variety of different applications.

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