OMG Nail Strips - Review

Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I've been a nail-biter my entire life. The only thing that keeps me from biting my nails is not wanting to mess up a nice nail polish. I'm not very good at painting my own nails and getting a manicure is just too expensive for me. I was so excited to try OMG Nail Polish Strips because they look easy to use. The package comes with two strips of nail wraps, or nail stickers, each with seven nail tabs for optimum sizing and minimized trimming. Then I just followed the easy directions on omgnailstrips.com for application!
To apply OMG Nail Strips: 
Soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes.
Dry hands, then gently push back cuticles.
Carefully remove any excess skin around the nail bed.
Moisturize your hands with lotion, and wait 1 minute.
Using a Q-tip, remove any leftover lotion from the nail bed, paying special attention to the sidewalls, cuticle area and tip of the fingernail.
Select the appropriate sized nail strip for each nail to ensure the nail will be covered from sidewall to sidewall. Using a nail strip that is too large for a particular nail is not recommended; rather, trim the strip the scissors to the appropriate width.
Peel off the clear coating, and then carefully remove the nail polish strip from the sticker backing, Start by placing whichever end on the nail strip that works better for your nails at the cuticle and apply it by smoother the strip towards the tip and your nail, smoothing out and bumps and ensuring the strip is tucked neatly into the sidewalls.
File away any excess nail strip by holding your nail file parallel to the surface you are working on, as filing the nail perpendicularly will cause tearing along the tip.
After you have applied all ten polish strips, take a cotton ball the has been dipped in polish removed with the excess remover wrung out, and swipe each nail 1-3 times, paying special attention to the sidewalls, tips and cuticle area. This step is especially important, as it melts the strip to your nails, allowing for longer lasting wear.
Apply a finishing topcoat, and wait 5 minutes for it to dry completely.
I like the way my nails look and I've managed to not bite my nails off with OMG Nail Strips. They were pretty quick to apply and they are a very affordable alternative to an expensive manicure. Check out www.omgnailstrips.com to get this Zebra design or one of their many other classy, trendy and just plain fun designs. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

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