Minisuit Tactic Universal Handstrap Technology Wallet

Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Ever drop your smart phone? How many times have you dropped your tablet? Got a handheld game your kids keep dropping? The Tactic from Minisuit is an ingenious idea that can be used on just about any small handheld device. This self-adhesive pad is a handstrap that keeps your device from slipping out of your hands, plus it comes with a wallet pocket for you to secretly store your license, credit card, or cash.
Tactic is soft and flexible so it's comfortable on your hand. Tactic also has a very thin profile so you won't notice the difference in your pocket. It's perfect for my neighborhood walks because I can tuck my ID card and my house key into the wallet slot, eliminating my need for a bulky wristlet wallet.
Tactic is so simple to install on your phone or tablet - just peel off the back and press securely to your device. The 3M adhesive works fabulously. No tiny screws, no special tools, and very little effort required. It even came with a little Minisuit logo charm dangle in the shape of a suit.
I can wipe it clean with a damp cloth if I need to, plus if and when I want to remove it, no sticky residue will remain on my phone case. Available in red, white, black and blue, you can choose the one that truly fits your fashion style.
Best of all, Tactic keeps your device right where you want it, in your hand, instead of tumbling to the ground. Replacing a broken smart phone screen once cost us almost $200, but Tactic is currently on sale on the Minisuit website for under $5!!!
Minisuit Tactic is perfect for students, travelers, teenagers, and anyone who has ever dropped their device (or worried about dropping it). Visit www.minisuit.com for more information and for tons of great products to make your life easier.
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