Embrace Yourself

This is the first in my new series of posts called Embrace Yourself. I hope you find it interesting, inspiring, and maybe a bit humorous at times. I decided upon Embrace Yourself because I sincerely believe every single one of you deserves a good, solid hug for the challenging journey you take through life each day. Since you are always with you, you need to strive to be the kind of person to Embrace Yourself.
Occasionally I catch myself saying something ugly to my reflection in the mirror. Other times I'll stand there considering all the things I wish I could change about my appearance. Then I feel sad that I'm not accepting who I am. We get enough negativity from so many other sources in our lives, that it seems ridiculous that we are not being our own best cheerleader.
No other person knows you the way you do. You know all the wonderful things about you, just like you know all the not so wonderful things about you. You also know, more than anyone else, when you need a hug. Sometimes the world doesn't give us that hug. Instead, life throws more challenges, more problems, and more stress at us. That means YOU need to embrace yourself.
Every day when you get out of bed for the day and look at yourself in the mirror, you need to intentionally embrace yourself. If you want, give yourself a physical hug. More importantly, give yourself a mental hug. Embrace something wonderful about you, and intentionally appreciate yourself for it. It doesn't have to be something huge either. Today I embraced myself because I was financially able to help someone when they asked. Yesterday I embraced myself for a ten-pound weight loss. If you notice something negative creeping into your thoughts, counter it with something positive, then smile at yourself and go have a great day! Leave a comment below and tell me something wonderful about you so we can celebrate with you!
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