Damaged Foundation or Basement?

Your home is a major investment and requires frequent maintenance and repairs. When you face problems regarding your home's basement or foundation, they are not to be dismissed. When you discover a damaged basement or foundation, you should take immediate action in order to make sure the foundation is stable and give you peace of mind that your home is safe to live in.

Plano foundation repair experts address the common issues often associated with foundations in buildings and homes. This is necessary if your home is not insulated well or if the basement flooded causing cracks or leaks in the foundation. These are emergency situations. Foundation repair is needed to ensure your home is safe to remain living in and to make sure its market value does not diminish.

Seeking the help of a foundation repair professional who is a structural engineer and a geotechnical as well is best. This type of professional expert can formulate a solution for every type of foundation problem possible such as cracking and sinking floors, bowing foundation walls and settlement. The solutions these experts use are state-of-the-art and meet all national and local standards.

Typical repairs of a home’s foundation take less than a week to complete. However, depending on how severe the damage is, the time required for damages varies. If there is critical damage like sagging floors and bucking walls, it can diminish the value of your home. Solutions for foundation repair are designed to offer a permanent solution to foundation problems. Foundation repair experts perform a complete examination of your home to measure the extent of damage and formulate a plan for resolving the problem. Foundation repair experts offer crawl space repair, foundation leveling, foundation wall stabilization, foundation wall straightening, basement wall repairs, mud jacking and more.

To make sure any repairs are permanent and simple, it is better to amend the damages at the very first sign. If the situation is that the foundation is past the point of repairs, the foundation experts will recommend that a demolition be performed and move forward to build a new one. Any type of expansive soil, frost, foundation settlement or hydrostatic pressure can completely damage a new or old foundation. By having a diagnosis early on and seeking expert assistance quickly, you will save time and money on repairs that could have been very expensive.

No matter who you choose to repair your foundation, make sure you get a fair price and a warranty for the services you have performed.

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