Ready for Back to School with #Tools4BTS

#sponsored - I am a Boys and Girls Club (BGCA) Back-to-School Ambassador. 
I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Boys and Girls Clubs
of America. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
It's time for back to school shopping for all those supplies that children must have to succeed in school. Did you know that three out of ten students won't graduate on time? Did you know that one million students fail to graduate high school? Having the proper tools for school is an important part of being successful, so Boys and Girls Club has teamed up with Disney to support today's youth by launching an online school supply drive. By simply playing a pop-quiz style game, you can help donate school supplies to local BGCA Clubs. For every five correct answers, a donation of supplies will be made! Isn't that awesome?

Plus, the BGCA website also offers educational content for parents as they prepare to send children back to school. You can find tip sheets and resource sheets like:
  • Helping children set goals
  • Homework hints for parents
  • Reading together
  • Middle and high school success
  • Smarter fun in the summer
  • Time management
  • Getting ready for college
There are also lots of ideas on their site about other ways you can become involved in Boys and Girls Clubs across the nation. My daughter is the program director of one such club and she tells me often about the benefits for the children in her club. By providing children with a place to hang out after school, these clubs offer them places to socialize, study, and play in a supervised, caring environment. My daughter's club even has a summer camp program where students can attend for the entire day. These programs annually serve nearly 4 million young people, through membership and community outreach, in some 4,000 Club facilities throughout the country and BGCA-affiliated Youth Centers on U.S. military installations worldwide. So go HERE to play a quick game and help us raise more school supplies to help them be a success!


  1. I had no idea those numbers were so high! I knew the US education system can be found lacking in many places especially compared to other countries, but again, I had no clue they were so high! You pointed out some great tips here. I also love that the BGBC are doing this to help make sure more students are prepared!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful program. School supplies are outrageous. I spent $140 for my grandson's supplies and he is only in Kindergarten.

  3. School supplies are so expensive - this sounds like a great program!

  4. sounds like an awesome program for kids. I am lucky enough to live in a town where our graduation rates are very high without a "delay" in graduating, but not far from me I would bet (and this will sound terrible) that it is time for dancing in the streets when kids do graduate. It just goes to show how the education system needs help and not just by throwing money at it (we do like to do that here in Jersey - to no avail)

  5. I don't have one in school yet but this is such a great site to have handy when the time does come! Thanks Lisa!


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