Puff's Fresh Faces - Review

Disclosure: I received products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
If you're familiar with the children's product called Boogie Wipes, then you're going to love this new product! Puff's Fresh Faces are built on the same high-quality foundation of moist saline wipes. To take the concept beyond just yucky noses, the new Puff's Fresh Faces are designed for adults (YAY!) and ALL the stuff our face has to face.
I've used them in several ways over the past few weeks and simply love them. Puff's Fresh Faces are excellent for removing makeup. They work wonders as an after-workout facial refresher and even as a daily cleanser. When it's hot and humid outside, they help to cool the skin and remove dirt and oils. They also, of course, are exactly what I need for big sneezes and yucky mucus from colds, allergies, and the dreaded flu. Puff's Fresh Faces come in Fresh Scent, Light Lavender, with a touch of Vicks, and Fragrance-Free. As a seasonal allergy sufferer, I'm so glad they make these saline wipes for adults (because I felt a bit silly using the grape-scented Boogie Wipes).
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Find Puff's Fresh Faces at Target stores nationwide!

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