How to Cook Hippo Eggs

Yes, hippo eggs. If you live in Hutto, Texas, then you've probably already eaten a hippo egg at least once. These fabulous creations can only be purchased at Westphalia Market in my town. If you're anywhere near central Texas, you'll definitely want to make a trip here to pick some up.
A hippo egg doesn't really come from a hippo, but since our little town's mascot is a hippo, that's the name given to these delicious delights. Inside that bacon slice wrap, you'll find scrumptious ground sausage, wrapped around a big spicy green jalepeno, which is filled with delectable cream cheese.
The first time I made hippo eggs, I pan broiled them in a bit of extra virgin olive oil for about 45 minutes, turning them over about halfway through. The lid helped keep the heat and the splatters in the pan. They are well-packed so they don't fall apart while you're cooking them.
The next time I made hippo eggs, I placed them in a baking dish, surrounded by red peppers and onions, and baked them in the oven at 350 degrees F for an hour. They can also be grilled on the barbecue grill and we're going to try that next week.
They are so amazingly delicious. Westphalia Meat Market in Hutto has the BEST meats I've ever tasted. Besides the hippo eggs, we've tried their chicken breasts, stuffed pork chops, ground hamburger, beef sticks, and beef jerky. They are all top quality and their prices are better than the big box stores!
Since Hutto is a small town, we don't have a big name grocery store, so Westphalia Market also carries lots of other pantry necessities like bread, milk, pasta, and canned goods. They also sell paper goods, farm fresh produce, and a selection of spice mixes and sauces that are made locally. I love supporting small hometown stores!
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  1. OMGoodness! Those look absolutely delicious! Hahaha--I had to look up Hutto on the map even though I know where Pflugerville is and have a daughter at UT Austin who lives on the other side of town in Buda. We'll have to make it a point to drive through and stop at Westphalia Market sometime.

  2. Looks so good! Love the name for it.

  3. Thee are so cool I would of never thought of Hippo eggs, but they sound very good with the peppers an sausage and of course the bacon around it. Yummy

  4. Just bought some today and am following your recommendatioss! Love Westphalia! We live in Round Rock!

    1. Awesome! You can also bake them in the oven!

  5. Ate some Hippo Eggs last Thursday, left Austin Friday morning, still dreaming about ‘em. They’re ridiculous.


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