ELYSIUM - Movie Review

Disclosure: I attended Elysium at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
ELYSIUM is the name of a satellite planet, located just off Earth, where the wealthy people of the future reside. They've left our planet because of overpopulation, disease, and crime, to live in a beautiful and peaceful place. Those left on Earth aren't so lucky. Matt Damon plays Max, a young orphan who grew up on Earth, gazing at the beauty of ELYSIUM, wanting nothing more than to get there. Trying hard to beat his criminal past, the adult Max works a daily grind job but an accident puts him at risk of death within a week and he takes on a dangerous mission to get to ELYSIUM where medical machines can help heal him. His not-so-ethical friend believes the mission can help save everyone on the Earth.
Jodie Foster, one of my all-time favorites, plays Secretary Delacourt whose job it is to run the hardline forces who protect ELYSIUM from intruders. Her selfish plans for the future of ELYSIUM and Max's plans to escape there collide into a fabulous story of lies and deceit. Thrown into this mix of violent and dangerous ideals is the kidnapping of a childhood friend of Max and her terminally ill young daughter. Delacourt has no problem ordering the death of anyone.
This movie is filled with great chases on the ground and in the sky, fabulous futuristic weapons, and great acting all the way around. The scenes filmed on the overpopulated Earth were actually filmed in the world's second largest dump, located in Mexico city, and honestly it really made me wonder what our planet will look like in 2154. I really enjoyed ELYSIUM and encourage you to go see it. My husband saw it with me and he thought it was a great movie too. It opens tonight in theaters everywhere! You'll want to leave your young children with a babysitter when you go.
Written and Directed by Neill Blomkamp; Produced by Bill Block, Neill Blomkamp, Simon Kinberg; Executive Producer Sue Baden-Powell. Cast: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley, Alice Braga, Diego Luna, Wagner Moura, William Fichtner.

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