Coping with Back to School Resistance

The first day of school is always exciting and a little nerve-wracking, not just for the parents but also for the kids. A few tears may fall during the first week of separation, but eventually children quickly acclimate to a new school year. But what do you do when your child all of sudden refuses to go to school? Should you drag them out of bed and force them to go? Back to school resistance can be the cause of many frustrating mornings filled with temper tantrums, stalling in the bathroom, and slow eating at the breakfast table. What are parents to do?

First, you should find out the cause of the resistance to attend school. Could it be that your child is being bullied by peers? Could it be that a teacher embarrassed them in front of the entire class? Could it be that your child's lunchbox isn't cool enough or that someone found out your child is on the free lunch program? Maybe your child is behind the rest of the class in reading or math? Maybe your child's hidden disability showed its face during class and now insecurity has set in? It's time to sit down, parents and child together, and get to the root of whatever is causing the distress. Ashley Tutors has a great resource quiz called "How ready are you for the new school year?" and it takes just minutes to complete the nine questions. Helping your child to pinpoint the problem is the first step in helping them find a solution. Then together, you can find a solution, which may include a conference with the teacher or principal, speaking with your child's doctor, finding a tutor, or maybe even as simple as showing empathy and understanding to your child.

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