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Caught Stealing!

My family often camped at a Missouri campground. It was the place of many wonderful childhood memories. And a few bad memories. One of the times that is clearly imprinted in my mind is when I was probably about seven years old. The campground had lots of things for campers to do. There were several pools for swimming that surrounded a lodge and a rec center. The lodge had a big tv, lots of couches, several pool tables (where dad taught me to play), and a little gift shop. The rec center was filled with fabulous pinball machines (I had high score on the soccer one), and a couple of video game machines (Pac Man and Asteroids). There was also a snack bar there that hosted the opportunity to play mini golf. There was also a big lake for swimming, fishing and paddleboating. Best of all, was the stable full of horses. I loved to ride the horses, especially on the trail rides throughout the campground. So anyway, when I was about 7 years old, I was in the gift shop, drooling over their magnet collection. Each one probably cost about a dollar, but I had no money on me at the time. About 30 of those little magnets found their way into my pockets and I got away without being discovered. I was so excited, so ashamed, and so scared. When my mother found out, because mothers always do, she made me march right back up to the gift shop to return the magnets and apologize. I learned a very important lesson that day and I had to repeat it with my own daughter many years later when she stole a package of Pokemon cards from a 7-Eleven store!


  1. I think most children learn that lesson. I was in third grade (either 7 or 8) when I learned my lesson. Maybe seven-year-olds are just natural cleptomaniacs?

  2. I remember learning this very lesson after pinching a few pieces of penny candy at our local family market. Back when the candy was still displayed open and in jars. I repaid the money owed felt guilty every time I enter that market even as an adult.


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