Butterfly Bakery Perfect Portions - Review

Disclosure: I received products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Sweets are for everyone! Sometimes though it's necessary to go with sugar-free, gluten-free, or even no sugar added. That doesn't mean you should have to go yummy-free, so the Butterfly Bakery has created a line of Perfect Portions sweets that meet those requirements. From muffins and mini-muffins to sliced creme cakes, these desserts are amazingly delicious!
The Sliced Plain Creme Cake is perfectly moist and just waiting to be topped. I topped one of mine with strawberries and another with a drizzle of natural honey. Since my kids ate the rest of them, it was pretty evident that they liked them too!
The Sliced Marble Creme Cake was even more delicious. I didn't even top these cake slices with anything! They use only the finest ingredients and freshest fruit nectar to make indulgent desserts. Even if your diet feels restrictive to you, the Butterfly Bakery can help you break out of that cocoon.
My favorite, of course, is the Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins. Anything chocolate always gets my highest vote! These are incredible and since they are Perfect Portions, I can treat myself without feeling guilty. I definitely recommend them! Visit www.thebutterflybakery.com to find the most delicious sugar-free, gluten-free and no sugar added sweets. You can also check for them at your local grocery bakery department!

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