BloomsToday - Review

Disclosure: I received a bouquet at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Receiving a gorgeous flower bouquet will brighten anyone's day, no matter the occasion or even without an occasion. Every time I walk past this beautiful arrangement of yellow roses and lilies, it makes me smile. For the past week, I've watched the larger lilies bloom and enjoyed the amazing floral aroma lofting through my kitchen.
The packaging used to ship my bouquet is amazing. It came in a cardboard box that is shaped to support both the vase and the bouquet. Everything inside was attached to the box with twist ties. They kept the flowers and the glass vase from being damaged and were very simple to remove.
I was even provided with flower food to add to the water. Best of all the stems were wrapped in a wet spongy material to keep the flowers fresh and beautiful until I could put them in the vase. This Citrus Smiles arrangement is simply breathtaking!
BloomsToday.com has so many flowers to choose from and they can even do same-day delivery in many cases. Over the course of a week, every single flower bloomed and I added some more water midweek. I was amazed at how long the bouquet lasted.
Their website often offers discounts, as well as a Deal of the Day, where you can order flowers to brighten up someone's day. They also offer plants and gifts, perfect for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and so much more.
Buy and send fresh flowers at BloomsToday.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter so that you're first to hear about special promotions!

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