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photo borrowed from an ebay listing
I was one of those very lucky little girls who got this style of a Barbie RV many years ago. I'd wanted it forever and was so excited that Christmas morning to get up and discover Santa had granted my heart's desire that year. I also remember that was the same year I went back to bed right after opening all my gifts because I was so sick and just wanted to sleep. I have to laugh a bit at all the Barbie stuff that today's children collect because I didn't have multiple Barbie dolls. I did have a Ken doll and two of Barbie's friends, but I've seen little girls who own dozens of Barbie dolls and they're all naked with messy hair, stacked naked in some box. My Barbie was very special to me and always had her hair brushed. I had a shoebox full of Barbie clothes, many of them handmade by my mom. That shoebox traveled with me for many years, even into adulthood. During one especially difficult year, I had to sell many of my things to be able to afford to feed my kids, and I finally had to let her go. I wonder where she is now. How many Barbie dolls did you own?

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  1. Oh what a memory. I had that Rv too . I think my favorite was the remote control corvette.


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