Wraptastic "As Seen on TV" - Review

Disclosure: I received a Wraptastic at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
It is an absolute joy to get to test those "as seen on tv" products! They always make it look so easy and solve all your life problems in a single infomercial. When I was offered a Wraptastic for review, I jumped all over it.
It comes nearly assembled. All I had to do was put the blade protector onto the forward posts, shove the little holders into the cardboard roll of my aluminum foil and snap it into place, just like the directions told me to do.
Simple? Yes, absolutely. Easy assembly? Yes, absolutely. Good quality? Yes. Confusing? No, not unless you cannot read.
In less than two minutes I was up and running, or up and wrapping. A tiny warning though - there is a blade on the Wraptastic, so if you cut yourself easily, make sure you follow the directions. I'm happy to say I did my first roll installation with no sliced fingers or toes.
Once the roll is inserted into the Wraptastic, all I had to do was pull out the length of aluminum foil (or wax paper or plastic wrap, as it works with all three), then press it in the center of the device to cut a single piece in one fell swoop.
It worked perfectly! On my first attempt, my second attempt and my third attempt. I love this thing! It sure beats trying to use those built-in slicers that come on the box. I never get those cuts straight!
I absolutely, positively need two more of these Wraptastic devices so I can make sure I have one for foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper.
And how cute is it, that it comes with cling-on labels so I know which of my three new Wraptastics to grab for wrapping up my food? Just peel off the label and stick it onto the little window and you are set!
Get yours today at www.buywraptastic.com and tell them Planet Weidknecht sent you!

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