Empty Nest Home - Photojournal

Before we moved anything in the house, I wanted to get photos of each room. As we settle in and decorate, I'll be using many of these for before/after shots. Enjoy the tour!
 The front of the house.
 The front entryway.
 View from the door into the house.
The dining room.
Another shot of the dining room.
 The dining room from the kitchen.
 The kitchen.
 The kitchen from the dining room.
 My itty bitty pantry.
 The living room.
 Formal dining in the living room; soon to be our office.

 The master bedroom.
 The master bedroom fan (my favorite thing in the house).
 The master bathroom french doors.
 The master bathroom. 
 The master potty.
 The master tub/shower.
 My itty bitty laundry room.
 Bedroom two.
 Bedroom three (with nosy dog).
 The guest bathroom.
 The unimpressed canine.
 The grand mess I now have to clean up.
Lord, give me strength and patience!

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