Bathroom Windows are Creepy - #Decor #DIY

This is the first house I've ever lived in that had a window in the bathroom. Granted, the window is up high and lets in lots of great natural sunlight in the morning, but it's just creepy to me. How do I know that some weirdo in the neighborhood hasn't hooked up some sort of angled camera that points right down into my shower?
To appease my paranoia about the bathroom window, I set out to find a way to cover it. At 22 inches in height, there wasn't a curtain to be found. Valances were too short and curtains were too long. For a minute, I even considered taping aluminum foil up there, but the seventies are over. Since our new house has glass shower doors, I decided to give my fabric shower curtain from our old house a cut and a makeover.
I cut the shower curtain down to 24 inches, pinned a double hem, and back-stitched it by hand. I have a sewing machine but it hasn't worked in a while. It only took me about an hour to make it. Then I purchased a skinny little tension rod and threaded it through the shower curtain hook holes. It still lets in a decent amount of natural light, but I'm now satisfied that no one is watching me shower!


  1. it does seem a little creepy to me too but that's a good fix it looks nice

  2. I think the little windows up high creep me out more than a big one that is easily covered. You can't see what's on the other side of those little ones. I love the curtain!

  3. Looks great! Great job! I would have that fear too :)

  4. Please do this for my basement windows. Thanks :)

  5. Nice, much better. Jenn McCullar


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