Adventure to Fitness DVDs - Review

Disclosure: I received DVDs at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I am a huge fan of anything that gets kids off the couch and moving. I'm an even bigger fan of fun activities that teach children important lessons. The Adventure to Fitness series of DVDs is amazing! Every family with children and every classroom teacher needs to get their hands on these fabulous videos.
The Serengeti Stampede is an adventure to Africa, where Mr Marc leads children through the Serengeti to help get the migrating animals back on track. Through animation, motivation, real photos and exciting movements, Mr Marc gets kids up and moving.
Children will definitely respond to this videos. They will get to run with the herds, cross the river on the back of hippos, avoid crocodiles, run from a lion, climb hills, and so much more. Mr Marc encourages children to go fast, go slow, climb, reach, bend, and strive to do their best.
Throughout the video, Mr Marc teaches children so much about so many things. I love the way he intertwines things likes nutritional information and good self esteem right into the story. Children will learn a vast amount of factual information about Africa, it's people, the topography, and the animals.
Serengeti Stampede is just one of the many Adventure to Fitness DVDs. I also received Big Bad Apple, an exciting adventure in New York City, that leads children through the "city that never sleeps" when it mysteriously comes to a silent standstill.
Check out the adventures for children of all ages at adventuretofitness.com. The website also has tons of games, activities, recipes, and challenges. It's a great way to teach children and get them moving. Teachers, parents, and kids love these award-winning adventures!

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  1. I'm with you on getting kids off the cough and active. It looks like a product both mom and child can enjoy together. Great review!


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