Vizardz Personalized Photo Light Box

Disclosure: I received a Vizardz Light Box at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I love home decor items that are truly unique. This Light Box from Vidardz is a beautiful piece even when it's not lit up. The lid opens up and is a great place to store little items. The front of the light box displays a 3D representation of the photo I sent them. I just uploaded it to their site and waited for my new light box to arrive.
If you look closely at the photo above, you might be able to just make out the outline of the photography subject. The photo can actually come out of the light box and it feels like a thick piece of homemade paper. The best part happens when I turn the light on.
This stunning light box is amazing to look at and would be perfect for a night light in an infant room with mommy and daddy's picture. When baby wakes up, mommy and daddy seem to be right there. It's also just enough light for mom and dad to sneak in and peek on sleeping baby.
It's a wonderful soft light which makes it perfect for a night light in a child's room who might be afraid of the dark, or place it in the living room so you can find your way to the kitchen at midnight for a snack. I'm so impressed with quality and uniqueness of the Vizardz Light Box!
You can order yours today at www.vizardz.com and check out all the ways you can transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary home decor pieces! Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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  1. that's very cool my crazy cat would look good


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