Time For Kids - Big Book of Where

Disclosure: I received the Big Book of Where at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Summertime!!! Bored kids driving you nuts yet??? This will keep them busy! The Time For Kids Big Book of Where is packed with over 800 facts kids want to know. This beautiful hard-bound book is filled with the answers to questions like...Where can you find the world's largest natural mirror? Where is the longest railroad in the world? and Where can you see caves lit by thousands of glowworms?
With nearly 200 pages of full color photographs and incredibly fascinating information, The Big Book of Where is an excellent book for quiet time, road trips, airplane rides, and doctor's offices. (Or anywhere you wish they'd be quiet for even just a few minutes!) It's the perfect addition to any family bookshelf and homeschooling families are going to love it too.

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