Thermal-Aid Heating and Cooling Packs

Disclosure: I received Thermal-Aid products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I finally found a way to get my husband to slow down and relax a while! Thermal-Aid heating and cooling packs are 100% natural and simple to use. I can just pop them in the microwave and offer my husband some spa time at home. They are so affordable and it feels amazing to just lie there with warm, weighted packs.
If we are sore, we can just set them in the freezer for a bit and use them to help reduce pain and relieve swelling. Johnny tends to like them when they are warmed up, but I prefer the cool packs (especially with all the hot flashes I've been having lately). There is even an adorable Thermal-Aid Bear available so kids are not intimidated by a hot/cool pack!
to order now and start relaxing!


  1. I love these products! They have really helped me a lot. My guys like them because they don't smell girly. It is totally a win win with these!

  2. My mom makes these homemade with rice..I've never seen these at all.........how much do they cost on average?


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