The Top 3 Reasons to Visit Madrid

When people think of Europe, they most often think of Venice, Paris or London as destination cities. However, Madrid is a capital city that is far-too-often forgotten when going through the list of European options, yet it is rich in culture, history, nightlife, shopping, and beauty — everything you could ask for in a vacation. Madrid’s central location to many destinations in Spain makes it the perfect springboard to truly experience a luxurious, unforgettable vacation. Though it has a rich culture with old buildings and much to see, it is also very modernized and provides the conveniences you require to have a relaxing time away from home. Madrid is the starting point for all Spanish highways, and there’s plenty of transportation to take you where you need to go. Best of all, it’s easy to find hotels in Madrid. Here are a few other great reasons to visit Madrid for your summer vacation.


From museums to architecture to plays to music, Madrid offers a variety of artistic and cultural experiences. The most difficult part about it will be narrowing down what to do. Besides the fantastic permanent collections of the Prado Museum, Reina Sofia Museum and Thyssen-Bornemisza, there are dozens other museums, cultural centers, galleries, theaters, cinemas, music venues, flamenco locales, and festivals. Keep your eye on newspapers and leisure guides for those spontaneous vacation adventures you won’t want to miss. Madrid’s culture is vivacious and exciting, full of warmth and fun. You’ll be sure to meet new friends on your cultural adventures. After strolling in a museum, grab a cup of coffee and a sweet treat at one of the many world-renowned restaurants.


Madrid has many restaurants that offer both regional Spanish dishes and international cuisine. The cuisine in Madrid is a combination of many different offerings from different regions in Spain, which have all come together in this central hub. Eating tapas is standard in Madrid, which is wonderful for vacationers, because you’re able to sample many different types of foods even if you’re only staying for a short time. Tapas are smaller portions typically served before a meal or with drinks. Going out for tapas is the practice of visiting several different bars or restaurants and eating small meals, which are typically shared among groups.


Madrid is known as Europe’s greatest party town, and it offers many festivals all year round which will be unforgettable experiences for any visitor. Be sure to ask locals or check visitors’ guides and take in the rich culture of this wonderful place.

About the Author: Sage loves to travel and what better way to explore than to travel to Madrid!

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