Terrariums Reimagined - A How To Book

Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Learn how to create adorable terrarium gardens in all kinds of containers with this amazing guide by Kat Geiger. Filled with over 100 pages of fabulous photos and detailed instructions, Terrariums Reimagined will help you make and maintain plant environments in jars, bottles, vases, and even fish tanks and glass ornaments. Having plants indoors is so good for air quality and I can't wait to make one!
I've learned so much about the difference between Desert Terrariums and Tropical Terrariums, but my favorite project is the terrarium called Whiskey Wonderland. I always have empty whiskey bottles around here so I'm planning on making that one as soon as we're moved into the new house. Nearly everything I own is packed up, so I am anxious to get moved and unpack.
One chapter even covers projects that children can make including the Jar Jungle, Arid Arium, and Soda Pop Paradise. The author is so creative and I simply love the straightforward crafting directions in her book because I'm just not very creative on my own. Terrariums Reimagined is a wonderful coffee table book that your guests will certainly pick up to flip through, and it would be the perfect gift for a friend.

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