Strawberry Preserves in Fagor's Pressure Canning Set

Disclosure: I received Fagor's 9 Piece Home Pressure Canning Set in exchange for my honest review.
I have always wanted to learn how to can. I tend to stay pretty basic in the kitchen so I was a bit intimidated about learning how and actually doing it. Thanks to Fagor's 9 Piece Home Pressure Canning Set, I am now a pro at canning! Well, okay, I managed not to totally mess up when I made strawberry preserves.
My set came with complete instructions, plus a DVD of instructions, plus a Pressure Cooker Cookbook and a Home Canning Cookbook. I read through everything, bought my jars with lids, and four packages of really inexpensive strawberries.
I chopped up my strawberries then had my husband smash them down with the potato masher (note to self: a food processor would be a great self-gift). Then I boiled 5 cups of mashed strawberries with 1 tsp of butter, and the juice from 1/2 fresh lemon.
Once it reached a rolling boil, I added 1 cup of honey and 6 cups of sugar. I let it reach the boiling point again, then let it boil for a full minute. In the meantime I warmed my four pint jars in hot water so they didn't crack when I poured the strawberries in them.
Using the ladle and canning funnel I filled all four jars, removed air bubbles with the air freer stick and screwed on the lids. Then all four of the jars were set inside the pressure cooker on the wire rack that sits on the bottom of the cooker. I used the jar lifter so I wouldn't burn my fingers.
Once all the jars were in the pressure cooker, with some space in between each jar, I set the pressure cooker lid on top of the pressure cooker. The lid is then tightened by twisting, plus locked with a tab to prevent explosions in the kitchen.
Then I set the pressure cooker on the stove, flipped the pressure knob on the top of the handle to High and turned the heat on to wait for the steam to build up.
Once the steam built up pressure in the cooker, the tiny yellow button popped up to let me know it was time to start timing according to the directions on the recipe. Mine called for ten minutes, so I set the timer on my stove to make sure I didn't mess that up. After ten minutes, I removed it from the heat, waited ten more minutes for the yellow button to drop to ensure the pressure was released.
Using the jar lifter, I removed each of the four jars and set them on a wood hotplate to cool. No one will be touching them for the next 12-24 hours while they cool. Once they are cooled they will last up to 12 months. I'm so excited that I learned how to can. It's going to save me so much money, plus eating like this is so much healthier. We can hardly wait to eat our strawberry preserves!
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  1. you made it sound so easy ...i have never used a pressure cooker either thanks for sharing


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