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Disclosure: I received Mobile Clean and Go at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Dirty phone? Dirty laptop? Fingerprints on your game toy or music player? Often we don't realize how dirty these devices are, but if you really think about it, we touch these every single day. They aren't just dirty, they are germy!
Mobile Clean and Go is a perfectly portable cleaning packet that includes everything you need to keep your electronic screens clean. The cleaning solution is a flat container that fits inside the plastic carry pouch with the double cleaning cloth.
The cleaning cloth has a textured side and a smooth side. All I had to do was squirt cleaning solution onto the textured side of the cloth to wipe it clean, then the smooth side to polish it. It's so easy to use and it works on even the dirtiest tablets and smart phones!
While my mom was here she just happened to ask me how to clean her phone screen and laptop screen. After looking at them, I decided HERS were perfect to show you how fantastic Mobile Clean and Go products can clean.
 Look at the difference before and after using Mobile Clean and Go on her smart phone!
When I looked at her laptop screen, I truly wondered how she could even see anything on her computer. After she cleaned it off with Mobile Clean and Go, she gushed over how much better she could see everything on her screen.
 Look at the before and after pictures of her laptop!
Mom liked it so much that after I had cleaned all my screens, I told her she could take the Mobile Clean and Go home with her. Lucky for her that this product is even TSA compliant for air travel, because senior ladies don't like to get frisked at the airport!
Order your very affordable Mobile Clean and Go at www.mobilecleanandgo.com
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  1. that does a super job of cleaning -that screen a very useful product ty for the chance

  2. That stuff is awesome!! (Mom)


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