Luma Comfort Misting Fan - Summer Necessity

Disclosure: I received a Luma Comfort Misting Fan at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
This 18 inch Misting Fan from Luma Comfort is my new best friend. As my husband assembled it for me, he repeatedly swooned over how well it is made and how closely the manufacturer paid attention to details for both safety and enjoyment. As I stood next to him, sweltering in the Texas heat and humidity, all I could think was, "Well, hurry up!"
Once assembled, we plugged it into the wall and hooked it up to our garden hose. I turned on just the fan part initially and it's a very powerful outdoor fan with three fabulous cooling speeds. It's also very quiet for a fan, which is another really good indicator of high quality construction.
Then came the real joy. We turned on the misting feature and immediately the temperature on the back deck dropped by ten degrees. It is absolutely, positively fabulous!!! I will never complain again about sitting outside in the Texas summertime because my Luma Comfort Misting Fan will be keeping me cool.
The house we're about to move out of has a swimming pool, but the house I'm moving into at the end of this month doesn't have a pool. As a matter of fact, the back patio at the new house sits in direct sunlight all afternoon (photo below) and I can already envision myself sitting on a chaise lounge in the sun with my Misting Fan right next to me! Who needs a swimming pool anyways?
Get your Misting Fan at www.lumacomfort.com 
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