I'm Moving! My House, not my Blog

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I'm so excited to share good news. We have accepted an offer on our house to sell it and we have qualified to move in as renters to a beautiful three bedroom, two bathroom home. We will be moving at the end of the month. I've saved the realtor photos of the house to give you a preview of the new home. As soon as we get the keys, I'll go take lots of "before" photos so I can share with you the entire story of the move into our new home. And all the decorating I'm going to do!
This is the front of the home. Notice the one tree. It's the only one on the property. I see a "shade challenge" blog post coming up this summer! The gardens are very minimalist near the front door and at the edge of the drive, which is perfect for me and my minimalist plans for the home.
This kitchen is to the right of the front door once you enter. It is between the breakfast room and the great room. I like the simplicity of the white appliances and the artistry of the arched look-through into the great room. The kitchen appliances come with the rental, but keep an eye out for a post about the hunt for my new washer and dryer for the new house.
This is the master bathroom, which by the way boasts french doors as the entry, with double sinks and big tub. There is a master closet off the bathroom, which I've claimed, and another master closet in the corner of the bedroom which I've assigned to Johnny. Yes, really. I'm that deliberate.
This is the breakfast room, at the front of the house, at the front of the kitchen area. We'll be putting the dining room table (without the center leaf) and the chairs in here. This will be our primary eating area. We are planning on the great room to be both family area and computer area. The window view is the street outside the front of the house. By the way, it's a corner lot which I'm looking forward to.
The builder of the house probably intended this great room to be used as formal dining area and family room area. I really love the dark wood floors and plan on using area rugs to designate the family area, computer area, and the dining room / breakfast room. That door leads to the back yard, where there is a small covered patio and small uncovered patio area. There are two ceiling fans in the great room plus a fireplace (which may or may not ever get used).
This is the backyard and the sun shines full force on it every afternoon. I"m planning on more container gardening and will use my new misting fan half an hour every day to combine my sun exposure with my plant watering. I love that there is nothing in the entire backyard area that I have to maintain. It'll be simply, water, mow, water, mow, and that's Johnny's job anyways. I'm very excited about our new adventure!


  1. Nice new place! I'm happy for you! Congrats! That looks like a perfect backyard.

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. congratulations, you must be so excited...

  4. Congratulations on your new adventure - How exciting! And I love the layout & wood floors...


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