Financial Assistance for Single Moms

Though the world can be a difficult place, it’s also full of people who have created programs that help assist society’s most vulnerable -- and sometimes those who are vulnerable are single moms. Navigating finances, home life, work, and ensuring that your children are nurtured, behaving, and safe is difficult to balance, especially if you’re only recently a single mom. You may not know that most U.S. states have several assistance programs with funds that are designated toward single moms. Even if you just need aid to get you through a rough period, find out what assistance from your state is available and whether or not you qualify to receive the help you need.

College Tuition

One great opportunity to take advantage of is continuing education. If you have finished high school and always wanted to continue your education, now is the time to do it. It may seem impossible with all the other tasks you have to juggle, but remember that education is always an investment in your future. Grants and scholarships provided to single moms through the state can eliminate the scary school debt that many people carry with them after college, and empower you to take care of yourself and your family for years to come. It can be difficult to imagine who will take care of your kids while you’re in class, but if you ask around and let a few people in your community know that you’re planning on taking this brave step, chances are you’ll find people who would love to support and encourage you by helping out with the kids.

Food Stamps

Good food is essential to living a healthy life. If you’re running low on grocery money each month, apply for some food stamps, and keep your family healthy. Eating problems are related to many things, such as your energy level, your emotional stability, and your kids’ behavior. If you’re not getting healthy meals, this foundational need can affect many other things. Food stamps will help you get through until you’re able again to fully support your family.


Perhaps you lost a job due to the demands of being a single mom, or you’ve been looking for gainful employment for a while. Whatever the case may be, if you’re out of work and actively looking, apply for unemployment. It probably won’t cover the amount of money you need, but it will cover many things that will help you get through until you’re able to find a good job.

Paige One enjoys writing about ways to help single parents thrive.

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