Book - Shimmer and Splash The Sparkling World of Sea Life by Jim Arnosky

Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Delve below the sea in this new picture book for readers...Shimmer and Splash The Sparkling World of Sea Life. Author Jim Anosky does an amazingly thorough job of exploring fish, rays, dolphins, sharks, reefs, and so much more.
This fascinating book has seven gatefold pages that allow the reader to see sea life up close and detailed. Written for schoolagers, this book is an excellent resource for science reports. It's the perfect book for elementary teachers and homeschoolers!
Over 200 marine species are beautifully illustrated and accompanied by fascinating descriptions and facts such as size, weight, length, and where you can find these sea-dwellers. It also includes many true-to-life size illustrations of fish and the teeth of a variety of sharks.
The book is hardcover with very high-quality pages. It's 40 pages long and measures about 9x12". It would be a beautiful gift for a child's birthday or first day of school gift!
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