Bold and Beautiful Parenting

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Life is full of choices and teaching your children how to handle choices is a huge part of parenting. Bold and beautiful parenting is a simple concept. Be bold in your own choices and always believe you are beautiful. By setting this example for your kids, whether they are girls or boys, your children will naturally take after what you do. Self-confidence in children comes from teaching them to be bold and know they are beautiful, both inside and out.
Now that my two youngest are 18 years old and graduated from high school, it's even more important that they make choices carefully. They both head off to college this fall and will be presented with thousands of new choices. Many of those choices will be tempting and not all decisions will be good ones. It's one of the reasons we decided to participate in our church's Blessing for Graduates event.
At the monthly dinner in June, families with graduating seniors were given the opportunity to speak to and about their child in front of the congregation, and to bless them with a Bible verse as part of their "send off" into the adult world. We chose to attend this event in place of a school awards event because I want the boys to know the importance of God in our family, both at home and beyond. After all, we believe boldness and beauty come from our creator.
I've watched my daughter, who is now 22, grow tremendously since her high school graduation and college graduation. She is bold and beautiful. As we send off our youngest and empty our nest, we'll continue parenting but in a new way that offers advice only when asked. Our lives are an example to our children, today and everyday. Be bold and be beautiful!
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