Win Against the Army of Ants

As fascinating as ants can be, they are a homeowner's nightmare. Nothing is more frustrating that treating an ant pile outside on your lawn, only to find it just a few feet away the next day. Every time we get a good rain here, those pesky ant hills pop up everywhere. When the backyard is the play area for children, it has to be free of ants and other bugs to ensure their safety. Right after learning to ride a two-wheel bike, one of my sons crashed and fell face first into an ant pile, getting bit all over his face. That is a memory none of us like! If they get in your house and into your pantry, you're in for a good fight. There just is no way you can seal up every crack in your home to make sure nothing unwanted gets inside. Luckily Moxie Pest Control can help eliminate ants as well as mice, bedbugs, and spiders. All the pesticides they use are proven safe to use and industry-approved with no damaging effects to people, residences or furniture. Let them help you win the war on ants!

Ants Graphic by Moxie Pest Control

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