VTech Techonology and Decor for Your Lifestyle

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Design and decor are equally important and this new VTech phone system has both! The model name is the Two Handset Connect to CELL Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting, but I like to call it my Red VTech. This snazzy set can make and receive both landline calls and cellular calls, but only requires one phone jack. It also has push-to-talk, voice announce caller ID, HD Audio, and handset speakerphone. Plus it is expandable so it can use up to 12 handsets! Landline service is NOT required to use this phone so if you're a cell phone only family it's perfect for your house.
The digital answering system records 14 minutes of messages for those long-winded people who can't just leave a phone number for you. My Red VTech will display a large backlit message counter letting you know how many messages are waiting. Plus you can even download and store your cell phone directory in it, which has proven to come in handy several times over the past few weeks.
Each handset is lightweight but sturdy and the phone base can even be mounted on the wall. I prefer to keep mine on the counter because it fits right in with the decor of my home. My family LOVES this phone system! VTech Communications has a wide variety of new tech decor ideas that will easily fit into your lifestyle and your budget.
Check out http://www.vtechphones.com for more information about my Red VTech and all the other fantastic products to add some pizzazz to your home!


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