UPERE Wedge Sneakers - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I try really hard to avoid uncomfortable shoes because, if it hurts my feet or my legs or my back, it doesn't matter how great the shoe looks. I had never even considered wearing Wedge Sneakers because I figured they would be miserably uncomfortable. I was so wrong!
UPERE specializes in making high quality, fashionable wedge sneakers for women. These amazing shoes are the Aster Wedge Sneakers in Suede Leather Navy Blue, also available in Black. I sat down to put these sneakers on and was genuinely surprised at how comfortable they are! Plus, I have the height of wearing high heels, which is not only slimming to my figure, but also a great way to flex the muscles in my calves when I walk.
UPERE Wedge Sneakers are perfect with jeans, capri pants, and shorts. I may have a sporty dress or two that will go great with them too. If you like to go out dancing at night, I am pretty sure these would be perfect for that. I absolutely love these shoes and can easily walk around in them all day! Visit www.upere.com and check out their selection of wedge sneakers in lots of colors and styles. Click to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!
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