Three DON’Ts for Social Media Marketing


It’s a whole new world out there with social media driving marketing for all businesses, both big and small. Since most content is fast-paced, user-driven, and written online, it’s important to pay attention to some basic principles for posting content online and maintaining a connection with your clients. While it may seem easy to just post something every once-in-a-while, most companies invest the big bucks in developing strategic social media plans for a variety of platforms and demographics. Social media is a vast platform and using it correctly can bring you the right kind of clients. Using it poorly, however, can damage the perception your clients have of your brand. Take a few of these helpful hints to guide your social media strategy.

Don’t Skip Spell Check
Using incorrect spelling, grammar, and syntax can have a detrimental effect on your brand. Some people think that typos are not a big deal, but they really are. A post infused with typos makes you appear as if you’re unprofessional and unintelligent, or that you don’t take the time necessary to produce quality work. It’s easy to spell check online, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be taking a few extra moments to proof-read and ensure that your content is ready to be published. Don’t skip this step. It’s vital.

Don’t Annoy Your Clients
While it’s easy to push those “Post” or “Send” buttons, if you send content to your clients too frequently, they’ll mark your words as spam and dismiss them. It’s important to determine an appropriate amount of times to send information and promotions to your clients. Respect their time and they’ll respect your brand. Develop a voice in your marketing materials that is friendly and congenial, not too pushy. No one wants to open their Facebook or email accounts and feel like they’ve walked into a busy marketplace with tenacious sellers following them around.

Don’t Over-Sell
Offer promotions, helpful articles in your field, or other types of information that your clients might find useful or interesting. If you’re constantly over-selling yourself, your marketing will come off as desperate of unprofessional. The name of the game with social media marketing is permission marketing, which means offering marketing pieces that are valuable enough to your clients to make them want to invite you into their email inboxes or social media accounts. Honor that invitation by giving back. If they love your brand, they’ll tell their friends, and their friends will invite you in as well. Successful social media marketing takes time, but if you invest strategically, it will pay off.

About the Author: Sage is a social media marketer who is hoping to strengthen her online presence. She understands that gingersoftware.com will help her with spell check when completing online tasks.

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