Spring Clean Your Life This Year

Spring cleaning your house is easy compared to spring cleaning your life. We can easily sweep the winter decorations into a box, but sweeping away those things that dull our lives isn't so simple. We can take down the curtains and throw them in the washing machine, but we can't so easily take down the negative feelings in our hearts. We can make a simple phone call and get same day carpet cleaning (get more info here), but there is no one but ourselves to call when we know we need to deep clean our lives. Here are some practical tips to spring cleaning your life this year:
  1. Get a new personal phone book and only transfer the names and addresses of the happy, positive people you want in your life. Clean out your electronic contacts in your social media accounts too.
  2. Go alone for an outside walk every day, with no phone, no music player, and no distractions. Listen to your thoughts and every time something negative tries to sneak in, push it away with a positive thought. Instead of "I should be doing laundry right now" think "It's such a beautiful day."
  3. Forgive yourself. We all harbor guilt and shame for things in our past and often in our current situations. Letting go of that takes a huge burden off your heart. Use this new-found forgiveness to forgive others and let those go too.
  4. Drink more water. If you're not fond of water, throw a lemon slice in it. Alternate water with what you usually drink. For example, have a cup of coffee, then a cup of water before you allow yourself another cup of coffee or a soda.
  5. Eat more vegetables. Try to add at least one vegetable to every meal you eat. Focus on fresh or snap-frozen veggies for the highest ratio of vitamins and minerals. Add seasoning to spice up your food.
  6. Read a book once a month. A real book with pages. Sink into a comfy chair or lounge outside on a bench and immerse yourself into some good reading. 
  7. Do something wonderful for someone less fortunate than yourself. Donate the old clothes you found while spring cleaning your closet. Drop off food at your local food bank. Send a handwritten letter to someone you miss. 
  8. Hug everyone in your family every day and tell them you love them. Call your parents or grandparents.

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