Preparing for Your Child's Graduation


The time has almost arrived. There are just a few weeks left until my baby boys graduate from high school. I've spent the past week pouring over the scrapbooks I've made of their lives and I am so proud of them. They have accomplished so much and have very promising futures ahead of them. In the midst of all the activity surrounding the last month of school, I've compiled a list that might help you when your child graduates.

- Take out a bank loan because this is going to cost you. I'm serious.
- Get senior portraits done the summer between junior and senior year. Be careful not to over-order photos just because your child is so cute. They are expensive.
- Order yearbooks at the beginning of senior year. The longer you wait, the higher the school will charge you.
- Order graduation announcements in the middle of senior year. Instead of buying the expensive extras offered with the announcements, such as tissue inserts and double envelopes, order colorful images clear address labels online and save money. Most people don't save the announcement anyway.
- Order the cap and gown at the same time you order the announcements.
- Inform out of town graduation attendees of the graduation date no later than February. Give them time to find a hotel deal, unless you have room for them at your house.
- Mail graduation announcements one month in advance. Use a gold foil accent address label with your home address so those who cannot attend can send a congratulatory card.
- Purchase thank you notes in advance of the graduation ceremony so your child can send thank you notes immediately upon receiving a card or gift.
- Plan a graduation celebration party at your home about a month in advance. If you're going to rent a space, start planning when senior year begins. If you're planning on taking a group out to eat, make reservations in advance.
- Arrive early to the graduation ceremony. Bring a camera. Bring tissues because, you will cry.

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