My Top Ten Mom Accomplishments

Now that my children have all reached the age of 18 years, it makes me giggle to think that now I can write more about their childhoods without totally embarrassing them to their friends (as much). I thought it might be fun today to reminisce about the past and list my top ten mom accomplishments.
  1. Birthing both my children naturally. I did it without drugs because I didn't want my children's first moments on earth to be drugged. I did it in hopes that it would benefit their future in some way. 
  2. Breastfeeding both my children. The biggest reason was for their health. I wanted to make sure they got the best start in life.
  3. Getting a college degree, while parenting two young children as a single (divorced) mom who got out a marriage that just wasn't healthy. 
  4. Buying our first house, all on my own, so my children could have their own rooms and a place to call home.
  5. Running my own childcare business successfully and being able to help and train others to do the same. (And being able to retire from childcare when the youngest reached 18).
  6. Marrying the perfect role model for my children to call Dad, and gaining a wonderful bonus son in the marriage.
  7. Being able to work from home so that I was always here when my children got home from school.
  8. Surviving my children's teenage years.
  9. Not killing my children during their teenage years.
  10. And my top accomplishment as a mom, is knowing that all three of our kids made it to age 18 in spite of my parenting.


  1. My VERY TOP accomplishment as a mom is being blessed by 4 beautiful, wonderful and successful daughters who turned out the way they did!

  2. You are an amazing woman and mom, friend! You inspire me every day!


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