Master Lock Bike Safety and Security

Bike riding is the second most popular outdoor activity in America. Regular riding can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50 percent and is a great way to get outside and enjoy the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, a new survey from Master Lock revealed that more than one-third of riders don’t lock up their bikes, and nearly half of Americans have had their bike stolen, or know someone who has. Take a look at this infographic and then read my review of the Master Lock 8220D Cable Lock below.
My son goes off to college this fall and since he won't have a car to get around, he'll be taking his beloved bike with him. This new Master Lock 8220D Cable Lock is the perfect solution for making sure his bicycle stays put while he's in classes. The six foot cable lock allows him to hook through both wheels if he wants, plus he can wrap it around a tree or bike rack easily.
It also comes with a carrier bracket so he can attach it to his bike while he is riding around. The very best part is the easy to set (and reset) lock combination is created with letters or words. I set it to TOAST because that's what I would be if I had to ride all over his campus. Knowing my son, he'll come up with something that makes sense to only him.
We've trusted Master Lock for security products for years and as a mom I can only hope my son pays as much attention to his safety as Master Lock does. Visit www.masterlock.com and see all the safety and security products to help protect the things you love most!

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