Give Mom a Bed of Nails - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Is Mom Tired? Overworked? Irritable? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Grumpy? Then this just might be the perfect Mother's Day gift idea. Bed of Nails offers two amazing products, a stress-relieving pillow and a rest mat, in two beautiful colors that will provide Mom the at-home acupuncture experience for a mere portion of the price of spas. Endorsed by Dr. Oz, the Bed of Nails acupressure pillow and mat work similar to acupuncture. The pressure of the rounded plastic nails or points against the skin may help the body release the happiness drug - endorphins. Endorphins will give Mom back exactly what she needs - focus, happiness, joy, and energy.
There's a green sun bed of nails, a green sun pillow (the product I received), a pink sun bed of nails, and a pink sun pillow. The pillow is covered with 51 acupressure points with 42 nails on each, which gives a total of 2142 nails per pillow. It's 14.5"x 4"x 6", made of 100% cotton, with non toxic nails of 100% recycled ABS plastic that is melted on to the fabric (no glue). Warning: the Bed of Nails Pillow should not be used in case of skin disease, hemophilia or the intake of anticoagulants. If you are uncertain, always consult your doctor before use. Keep away from children 5 years of age and younger.
The Bed of Nails Pillow in Green arrived at my home and I set it on the floor and stretched out, allowing myself just a few minutes of peace and freedom from work. I woke up a couple hours later. I absolutely love and endorse this product. It made me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Your mom will love it too.

Visit us.bedofnails.org to get your mom a present she will appreciate for years to come! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

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